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  Since its establishment in 1902, "The Bend" has been a cherished heirloom within our family, traversing seven generations. Initially, this expanse, now encompassing approximately 400 acres, was sown with cotton fields meticulously tended by my great grandfather and his eleven siblings.


  As the property was passed down from one generation to the next, it was partitioned among the offspring. Simon inherited a substantial segment, which he dubbed "The Bend" because of its distinctive position, encircled on three sides by the winding course of the Mulberry River.

Bend Beef Steaks

  "The Bend" has been a hub of diverse agricultural activities over the years, ranging from row cropping to conventional cattle farming and even serving as a resource for soil pits for an excavation company. It was a place teeming with life and lessons, a sanctuary where I, as a child, learned about the realities of adulthood through tasks like worming, vaccinating, and repairing fences, amidst the pastoral company of 300-400 cows.


  Owning a big piece of land like ours sounds perfect, but it's not always easy. We've learned in the last 15-25 years that the old ways of farming just don't make enough money anymore. Farming has changed a lot, and you have to come up with new ideas to keep a family going.

So, my dad and I have a plan to make "The Bend" better. We're cutting out the middleman in how we farm. We want to get closer to the people in our town and give them something special. Even if our prices aren't the lowest, what we grow has a quality you can't find just anywhere.


  Our plan is to get the best Angus baby bulls from the farms around Holly Pond. We take care of them in a chill place where they eat natural grass, minerals, and rough stuff to keep their stomachs healthy. When it's time to finish raising our cows, we give them top-notch grain. This step is super important because it makes the meat really juicy and tasty.


  Our journey from farm to table is poised to be facilitated by our website development company, complemented by traditional door-to-door sales initially, with aspirations of eventually shipping our products nationwide. This endeavor is not merely a business venture but a quest to forge a legacy for my children, Knox and Nash, who have already developed a profound connection with the farm.
  Their passion for "The Bend" surpasses even my own childhood memories, embodying the spirit of freedom and exploration that is increasingly rare in today's rapidly urbanizing landscape.


  We're at a turning point where the spread of housing developments and tempting offers from builders put family farms like ours at risk. But we at Bend Beef are sticking it out. We're counting on our community, local businesses, and families who value quality in their food to help keep "The Bend" going for generations to come.

  Our goal is bigger than just keeping our family tradition alive; we want to help maintain a lifestyle that honors the land and our community. It's about enjoying the simple pleasure of a good steak after a hard day's work.

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